Consulting & Strategy

ReadyWeb’s consulting and development teams plan for you successful strategies and provide you with personalized digital business development services.

  • Business Analysis & Consulting
  • Corporate identity
  • Content structure & User Experience
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Optimization (USABILITY)

Business Analysis & Consulting

ReadyWeb’s expert team provides you with a detailed update and analysis for your business or individual product development.

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  • It researches your audience in order to properly structure your online presence on strategy development and addressing costumer needs.
  • Evaluates your current online presence by studying market trends and identifying future sources of customer engagement.
  • We analyze advantages, weaknesses opportunities and threats (SWOT ANALYSIS) from the business area.
  • Continuous monitoring of the selected Marketing Strategies and an investment research are being carried out.

Corporate Identity

Your name, your logo, your colors, your image , your motto.

  • ReadyWeb provides new ande existing businesses with customized strategies for creating or renewing their corporate identity.
  • It anlyzes the strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of competition.
  • It investigates competition and places its future position in the industry, in order to create a Corporate Identity that will strengthen the strategic position of the company.
  • Corporate Identity is designed to highlight the business model that has been selected.
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Content structure & User Experience

The combination of analysis and improvement techniques sush as Digital Marketing, User Experience, Psychology, Reliability, Easy Finding, Sentiment Analysis etc.

User Experience UX
  • The ReadyWeb control and development team, controls the content of web pages with a set of rules and updates structure and content to make it more user-friendly and comprehensible to all users.
  • It examines the overall experience a site offers, through usability factors such as reliability, ease if finding information, or how desirable the product or searvice is.
  • Web site content is continually rearranged according to usage and user preferences changes over time.

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