Search Engine Optimization

Increase your website traffic by ranking it on the first page of the search engines with targeted optimization techniques and with the right keywords.

  • Word research & key phrases

  • Competitor research

  • Optimizing structure and content

  • Recording and evaluation of ranking results

  • Performance analysis

Techniques for Optimizing Web Site Ranking in Search Engines

4 distinct steps that guarantee the Optimal Ranking Strategy (SEO)

1.Recognition and analysis

Recognize and analyze the current client, competitors and market situation for the purpose of future strategic improvement of search engine rankings.
Collecting the necessary customer information and defining its objectives.
Research and define the keywords used to reach the goal.
Check the current status of the page and position recognition with respect to competitors.
Suggestions to improve page performance based on user experience.

2.Strategy development

You define the development srategy to optimize the position of the page in the search engines (SEO).
Specify the production of special content on the page.
Identify the management system and select appropriate tools to generate dynamic keywords from the page content.
Research to create ancillary actions such as campaigns, press releases, social networking pages, promotional campaigns.

3.Techniques of improvement

Implementing Header Element Keywords ans Content Structure.
Techniques to improve that site code changes are performed to dynamically generate keywords from the content of the page.
Customize site-specific content to produce the keyword groups defined on the basis of strategy to achieve page rank optimization on search engines.

4.Performance analysis – Reporting

Regularly generate reports to measure the performance of the techniques applied to improve page ranking on search engines.
Performance report and recognition of the current position and assessment of the deviation from the target.
Optimization of SEO tools and adaptation of plan and strategies based on exported results.

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