Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a new Marketing philosophy that applies to businesses that have chosen to attract customers online.

Use new interactive digital marketing attraction tools such as:

  • Social media Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Email Marketing

  • Create quality content text, photos, videos, Infographics

Traditional Marketing does not produce the desired results

Buyers now have control. Traditional Marketing has become impersonal and indifferent.

More and more subscribers declare that they do not wish to receive calls for commercial purposes and are registered in the ‘Register of Article 11’.

45% of the promotional emails sent are not opened by the recipient.

85% of viewers avoid watching TV ads.

1. Research and design of promotional and management tools.

Defining the public and studying the competitors market to determine customer engagement actions according to the company’s product.
Designed or selected communication and marketing tools are required such as the business website, a blog, social networking pages, Social Media Pages and client management programs.


Here is the creation and promotion of content for the purpose of acquiring visitors.

With the help of tools such as contact forms, Call-to-Action links, Landing Pages, personalization of content or services, you can convert them to customers of your company.

3.Sales tracking and customer behavior.

During sales, we observe and study the behavior of customers for future strategy development, turning them into recurring costumers.
Knowing the costumer through the previous stages, with the appropriate research and monitoring tools, we create personalized content that helps build a relationship of trust and contact.

4.Performance analysis

An anlysis of performance data such as Οpen rate, click-throught-rate, hard & soft Βounce rate.
Additionally, the performance of the campaign in relation to sales is also evaluated when Mail Marketing aims to sell products directly.

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Contact us and get to know the potential of the internet to promote your business.

The best way to turn a simple internet into a costumer of your business

Vangelis is an engineer and promoter of products and services in an elevator manufacturing and maintenance company.

Mr. Dimitris is a manager of a block of flats.

Mr. Dimitris has decided to search on the internet and Google for information on the Lift Legislation in Greece.

Mr. Dimitris finds Vangelis’s article on the new legislation useful and understandable. Via hyperlinks you drive to the Lift Library that the company maintains on its website.

Mr. Dimitris finds the Legislation and its analysis useful and downloads it to his computer by giving his name and email. he alsi chooses to receive a Newsletter for future update.

Pleased with the detailed presentation of the New Legislation, Mr. Dimitris returns the next day looking for services to upgrade the elevator of the apartment building that is the manager.

Vangelis, knowing Mr. Dimitris and his needs through the relationship he has created, and having a happy future client, creates the appropriate offer he has been asked for.

Mr. Dimitris found and gave joy to the Lift Company that Vangelis is working on upgrading the elevator of the apartment building that’s is the manager.

Vangelis company still had a successful sale, and Vangelis continues with Inbound Marketing tools, retaining customer loyalty, raising the image of the business and increasing sales.